Introducing an Octopress theme, Greyshade!

Update (17th Dec 2013): I have moved from Octopress framework to plain Jekyll. I’ll still be taking care of issues in Greyshade. You can check out demo of theme from any site in this list

This started off as a redesign of Watch Out! News Agency’s blog (WONA is the official news magazine of IIT Roorkee). I had a design in mind for my personal blog which is also based on octopress. So I went ahead and implemented it on WONA’s blog. Everything was fine except that I had customised my blog which meant that it was different from the WONA blog. This wouldn’t have been a problem if I had followed octopress' guidelines on creating themes. Ah well. So I sat down one fine morning and converted the custom css/html to a theme.

I used the theme Slash as my starting point. It already had fancybox integration and one column layout. The product is Greyshade. It’s a responsive theme. I have open sourced it and it is available on github.

Responsive design


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