Companies that I have worked for


Dec 2014 - Present

  • Full Stack Developer
  • Current Scope: Anything that runs on code
  • Time spent on Slack: 25hrs per day


Summer Intern - May to July, 2014

  • 2 Major and 1 Minor Project Completed
  • Scope: Complete stack for all 3 projects
  • Tech: PHP, MySQL, Redis, JS, CSS, HTML
  • Mileage: 3 cappuccinos per day

Mango Man

Summer Intern - May to July, 2013

  • Scope: Android Development for a home entertainment device
  • Developed user onboarding process and media management system
  • Lesson Learnt: Recliners are \m/

Stuff that I have made

Study Portal

IIT Roorkee's knowledge hub

  • 1,50,000+ downloads through the application
  • MVC architecture
  • Libs: Toro, jQuery
  • More Details: Blog Post


An Octopress Theme


JS Library for Embedding Presentations

  • Presentation specific features
  • Programmatic access exposed
  • Supports themeing
  • Page & GitHub Repo

Muzi Nano

A minimal, no distraction, music player for Muzi


Link sharing community for IIT Roorkee

  • An invite only community for sharing links in various tracks like Tech, Design, Science etc.
  • Developed over a weekend using SlimPHP, SASS and Grunt
  • Link to App


Music Player for developers in a room

  • Allows people to queue and play songs on central speakers from their own systems
  • Built using Node.JS
  • More details: GitHub Repo

Leaf List

Disposable, anonymous lists

  • Built using Backbone
  • Uses Firebase for storage
  • No server needed. Hosted on GitHub pages
  • Link to app & and GitHub Repo

Cognizance 2013

IIT Roorkee's Annual Technical Festival

  • MVC architecture
  • Libs: Toro, Skrollr.js, jQuery

Hackathons that I have won


Digital restaurant ordering system

  • 2nd position in Angel Hacks, Delhi edition.
  • Built an android app for customers and web app for manager
  • Uses Node.JS, Express, MongoDB,
  • More details: GitHub Repo


Social Time Machine

  • 3rd position in Syntax Error, a hackathon sponsored by Google and GitHub
  • Shows your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and GitHub from a year ago.
  • More details: GitHub Repo


WebRTC based collaboration tool

  • 1st position in HackU!, a hackathon conducted in IIT Delhi by Yahoo India
  • Built using Node.JS and Express
  • Video Conferencing using WebRTC
  • Document Editor and Text Chat
  • More details: GitHub Repo

Competitions that I have won

Intel India Embedded Challenge

Modular Home Automation

  • Won Grand Prize in Student Category at National level
  • Developed a web application and mobile application to control home devices and a modular hardware solution using Intel Galileo and Arduino
  • Tech: Node.JS, Express, Socket, Backbone.JS, OpenCV, C++(embedded)

IIT Roorkee Heritage Award

Business Plan Competition

  • Finished First with Best Overall Plan
  • Developed and presented a business plan for a modular home automation system
  • Prepared executives summary and complete business plan and pitched to senior alumni of IIT Roorkee

Deloitte CCTC

Cyber Threat Competition

  • Finished First across all colleges at National level
  • Demonstrated vulnerabilities in real world applications' user login system
  • Simulated vulnerabilities and demonstrated attacks on these systems