"Hello, World!" at Razorpay

Despite how narcissistic I might seem, I hardly ever visit my own website. Apart from a few edits on my /setup page, I haven’t really posted any thing new here. So, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that this blog is dead. Regardless, I feel like sharing an update here right now. I’ve joined Razorpay.


People who know me and are Facebook friends with me, yes, I had initially planned on joining Zomato after a two month long internship there. But one thing led to another and another and another and I ended up at Razorpay. This also means that I am living in Bangalore instead of Gurgaon.

“Zomato I knew, but what’s this Razorpay tomfoolery, I no understand”, I hear you say. Well, I am going to try and explain what we do. Have you seen those devices in shops where you swipe your card and drown yourself in debt? We provide the software equivalent of that to anyone who wants to sell something online so that people now drown themselves in debt while sitting in boxers inside the four walls they call home.

The work is exciting and we have a great team. Apart from the code that puts a hand in your account and takes your money, for the first time in my life I am also writing tests to ensure that the code takes the right amount of money from your account. I am jumping from one stack to another to ensure that we can take your money on android/iOS/web. So yeah, work is exciting and there’s a lot to do. In case you feel like lending a hand in this money business, drop me a mail on sm [at] razorpay.com. We are looking for backend developers, frontend developers, designer folks etc. The whole shebang.

That’s it, folks. Be happy with this small update instead of the silence so far in 2015. Now let me go marvel at the number of posts pending in my drafts that are never going to see the light of the web.

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Heading product for RazorpayX, building the future of business banking. Early bird (#7) at @Razorpay. Forever hoarse throat thanks to ManUtd.

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